Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Book Review Britannia The Invasion Chronicles By John Waite

It is the Spring of AD43 and a huge fleet carrying over 40,000 Roman soldiers crosses the wild northern sea to seize the mysterious isle of Britannia, for the glory of Rome and their emperor, Claudius. 
Along with the other warriors who come ashore, Marcus Sulpicius Vepitta and his comrades in the XIIII Gemina Legion soon find themselves pitched headlong into a sequence of murderous battles, fighting to conquer a land that has for so long lain beyond the grasp of one of the greatest empires the world has ever known. 
Yet, even before the great invasion armada had left the shores of Gaul, Claudius’ army had already been shaken to its core by the threat of mass mutiny and Vepitta had unwittingly become embroiled in the affairs of others, as a long simmering quest for retribution is finally begun. Amidst the unrelenting savagery of total war, Vepitta comes to find his loyalty and honour tested as never before. And, as the beleaguered Britons begin to crumble before the relentless Roman war machine, he soon learns that he has been sucked deep into the schemes of a young Roman noble woman, who yearns for justice - at any cost.

I was lucky enough to be sent an advance copy of Britannia by John in exchange for an honest review. Reading a Roman fiction novel is a completely new genre to me, as normally I only read chick lit and women's fiction. Britannia has been a refreshing and welcoming change and an experience I have throughly enjoyed. If you enjoy Roman fiction or looking for something a bit different then this is the book for you. Once I'd started reading Britannia, I couldn't put it down- I would say to myself just a couple more pages and before I knew where I was those pages turned into a couple of chapters. Having struggled with advance copies before due to the mistakes in them I was a little worried, but the great thing with John's was that they were no mistakes, and it was a pleasure to read. The story it self reflects the amount of work, time and effort that has gone into the book, and I really would suggest people to purchase Britannia for themselves to enjoy, trust me you won't be disappointed. I'd like to thank John for sending me a copy of Britannia, I have throughly enjoyed the book. Reading Britannia has urged me to be more open to trying other genres in future, that before reading Johns work, I wouldn't normally have entertained. My final statement is even if this isn't normally you kind of genre, give it a go as I think you'll be in for a surprise- I can't recommend this book highly enough.....

My rating: 5Stars!


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